Banana Games: The Release

Simone and Lila are more than just friends; no wonder they are ready to be there for each other no matter what. One day, Simone is waiting impatiently for her friend to be released from jail. Born with a dick, Alex was sent to a maximum security prison for men, but she is about to be free again! While Alex is busy getting fucked by her cell mates, as her eighteenth birthday present, Simone remembers the wild things they used to do when they were both free…

Elven Fun

Talila and Eloen are two very dirty elves that meet in the forest one sunny after noon. Since they are both completely naked and quite horny, they decide to make the most out of it and start having hot sex. Their magic wings fall off to allow for more freedom, and they caress each other's pussies, using thick boughs for additional stimulation. Their elven magic gives Talila a cock and enhances Eloen's breasts, which makes their experience even more breathtaking. As the girls are having sex, they have no idea there is someone watching them and planning to join… It's a huge Minotaur with a thick cock, and the creature cannot wait to show the innocent elves how all that is supposed to be done. Neither Talila nor Eloen could expect their hot elven love to turn into an orgy with a giant Minotaur taking most active part and pounding their pussy and ass…

Naughty Shemale Bride

Mark and his lovely bride Gemma are in the chapel getting married. She’s wearing a supremely suggestive dress to keep him aroused all day long and after saying their vows they hop on a motorcycle and drive to a beautiful spot by a lake. The grass is a vibrant green color and the two of them are soon naked. They’ve never had sex and he had no idea she was a shemale but as soon as he discovers it he’s enamored with her. He sucks her cock lustily and he gets her hard. He lets her fuck his asshole and he fucks her asshole. They get it on with great lust and their marriage is going to be filled with nothing but sensual, passionate shemale sex for the ages. He’ll never be the same and neither will she.

Shemale Confidential

Lenny’s curiosity towards shemales turned into the wildest desire, when he found some porn videos. But as he was jerking off a horrible thing happened – female police officers burst into his house cursing and threatening him!!! Lenny got even more shocked, when one of the officers put handcuffs on his hands, while another…began undressing!! The atmosphere became even more heated when the cops appeared to be shemales themselves!! Lenny’s brains were smoking and his dick was sore of excitement when those dirty cops began touching, kissing, sucking, and even fucking each other!!! Did Lenny want to join them?? Did he save his virgin anus??? We’re about to find out…

A Fire

Jeremy had such a rough night that he managed to oversleep a fire in the dorms – all the alarms, panic, and evacuation!! When he finally woke up, he felt strange smell. Jeremy thought he was still dreaming, because in the smoked up hall he saw gorgeous woman with awesome tits slowly walking towards him…Dora turned out to be real. Real fire fighter, in fact, who suggested checking his room as well. There, in Jeremy’s room, Dora confessed that fire turned her on really bad, and shared her enormous lust and endless passion with him. Of course, Jeremy was quite shocked when he found out that his sexy fire fighter was a shemale, but that made him even more excited, and…

Suffering Sinner

The Locked Room is where the punishments take place in N. Convent. And when a nun sins as bad as young Sister Rosamund did, the prioress herself carries out all the necessary procedures and helps nuns to redeem their sins. Sister Rosamund’s punishment wasn’t easy or pleasant. The prioress, Sister Gloria, didn’t spare the young sinner. The first thing Sister Rosamund saw after she had taken her clothes off, as the Order implies, was Sister Gloria’s big cock, which she was supposed to fit into her tiny mouth and suck as deep as possible…But that was merely a preparation for other torturing procedures. Sister Rosamund got to learn many new things about pain, pleasure, and herself.

Bench Adventure

Following strange promising feeling, shy beauty Daisy decided to spend the day in the Glide Park. She felt free and excited, riding her scooter and wearing sexy yellow outfit, which she truly loved, though it couldn’t cover her big dick, especially when it was as hard, as it was that Sunday afternoon. Daisy’s feeling didn’t deceive her – in the park she met Liz, who, strangely enough, didn’t leave, when she saw Daisy’s manhood, but instead seduced her and let Daisy fuck all her precious holes!! Liz’s skillful mouth drove Daisy’s shyness and worries away, while waking her wild lust and desire…No wonder wild bench adventure in the empty Park will stay in the girls’ minds forever!!

To The Bone

Nora was fond of two things: fucking and boxing, and she thought that only Tup, one of the best trainers, could teach her the second one. And though Tup never trained girls, Nora’s persistence and, probably, her charming tits convinced Tup to give the girl several lessons. Nora was so excited to see her strong sexy idol on the ring several feet from her, that she could hardly hear his instructions, and when she was supposed to show her first pose and hit, Nora…knocked Tup out!! And though Nora felt really silly and sorry, she took advantage of his dizziness and confusion and…seduced him!! And we have to assure you: Tup truly enjoyed her awesome blow-job and…big, pretty dick!!

Best Sausage In Town

Howard heard a lot about a small café in his town – and one day he just decided to pay a visit and see if things were just the way his friends described. He was pleased to find out the atmosphere was quite relaxing, and the girl working there was both friendly and sexy – a perfect combination for a great start of the day. From the moment he entered Howard felt attracted to the bartender/waitress Cindy, and even made passes at her later when she was getting a table ready for him. But he was unprepared for what came next… On that morning Howard was the only customer, but there were two fantastic waitresses to satisfy his every whim. Howard was about to learn how to keep two beautiful women hungry for thick hot sausage satisfied.

Ultimate Couples Therapy

When Megan brought her husband George to the hospital to see a famous sex therapist she was asked to wait outside by a slutty nurse Mia. Having spent some 20 minutes waiting for George to come out, Megan opened the door slightly to see… George being serviced by both the doctor and the nurse – two hot shemales with huge cocks! Megan got so excited while masturbating to the hot scene, she was noticed and invited to join. As the doctor explained, couples therapy proved very efficient in cases of male impotence – so Megan had no other choice but to join… It's not that she was too much against it anyway. The therapy went very well, although it took a lot of effort and passion…

Banana Airlines

Banana Airlines is a company that will do every possible to make sure every client leaves satisfied – and chooses it again. This is why they employ the sexiest flight attendants that are well trained in their job and can provide excellent service and VIP treatment to every client. On that particular day there were two clients taking a plane for some business purposes – and they were attended by sexy flight attendant Kamilia. Everything was going well – whiskey, cigars, flirting etc, until the moment Kamilia accidentally dropped a wooden box full of expensive cigars. When she bent over to pick them up, one of the passengers, Mr. Lynch, couldn’t help pulling his big dick out of his pants and jerking off at the magnificent view of Kamilia’s round ass. He was soon joined by his fried Mr. Danjuma. When Kamilia turned around, she understood her clients required some attention – and she was more than happy to help. As the gentlemen started undressing the flight attendant, there was a surprise waiting for them

A Fun Drive

When walking down the street one hot summer day David met his old friend Delmar who was in town for business. Delmar offered to give his friend a ride and he agreed, following him to the car parked nearby. That’s when David learnt drivers do not necessarily wear suits and have a moustache – he saw a cute blonde at the wheel who tuned out to be his friend’s assistant and driver. However, Abbey was also a lot more than that – and remembering all the favors David did, Delmar was generous enough to offer him some unforgettable time with Abbey. David agreed gladly – and didn’t regret this decision for a moment. Abbey turned out to be a real bomb – with excellent sucking skills and the kind of attitude you need if you want the girl to be obedient. However, David soon learnt Abbey was outstanding in some other way…

Paris, I love you!

While travelling around Europe a guy named Nathan finds himself in Paris and needs a ride to the center. He is given a ride by Cecilia – a young pretty girl who lives in Paris with her aunt Georgette. Together they drive to the city center to meet Cecilia’s aunt Georgette who turns out to be an appealing brown-haired girl wearing dark glasses and looking for sexual adventures. As they drive around Paris both Georgette and Cecilia get playful and take their clothes off, revealing thick dicks and gorgeous tits. Nathan is unable to control himself – and why would he? His acquaintance with Paris starts with an amazing blowjob given by Georgette and everything is about to become even more interesting than that as they stop the car and decide to teach each other about the rich French and American sex culture.

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