Shemale Church Threesome

Tiffany is a gorgeous redheaded slut. Her friend has just gotten married and left the church and she’s left behind with the best man and the pastor. She’s a horny shemale and she wants dick. She wants to use her dick too and there’s going to be some serious pounding action to behold. First the lusty tranny hooks up with Tom, the best man. He fucks her ass and she fucks his ass. There are lusty blowjobs all around. The pastor then gets fucked by her big shemale cock and his asshole is penetrated deeply. It’s a world class hardcore threesome and you’ll be delighted by their mutual pleasure. The sex scene is a glorious display of passions overflowing and when it’s over everyone is utterly exhausted.

Shemales Fairytale

The beautiful island priestess and the lusty fairy meet by the ocean and things quickly get naughty. The fairy has special powers and she casts a spell that gives the priestess a dick, turning her into a shemale. Not to be outdone, the priestess casts the same spell and soon there are two gorgeous shemales fucking on the beach. They’re both perfectly beautiful and the sex they have sizzles in ways you can only imagine. After they’ve finished fucking they spot a young man on the beach and of course they get into it with him and you get to see a threesome with two shemales and a strapping explorer. He’s handsome and sexy and they want to fuck him and have his big cock inside them.

Hotkiss Boarding School

This set of 3D porn cartoons continues the saga of the «Hotkiss boarding school», and this time Tanya – the student who recently arrived – gets to hear the story of another roommate of hers, Jenny. Before everything happened Jenny was quite a timid girl, who nevertheless enjoyed having fun with her girlfriends and didn't care too much about her studies. One night when she thought no one would bother her she went to the library to get ready for a serious exam. Suddenly, the door opened and there was Ms. Lewis – their librarian, a very strict and incredibly hot woman wearing the sexiest outfit ever. She seemed pretty pissed to see someone in the library so late, but then her anger suddenly transformed into a different feeling - lust…


Alex was all alone in his apartment surfing the Internet when he suddenly came across a very unusual and tempting offer… Two amazingly hot girls got very lonely and coincidentally happened to live in the same town with Alex! The scheduled jerk-off session had to be postponed – such cute asses shouldn’t be unattended when there is a young stud like Alex looking for some fun! Not being very experienced in relationships, Alex bought some flowers and summoned all his courage – the girls looked so hot he was afraid their first meeting would leave him speechless. He was welcomed by Roxie – a sexy brunette with lustful eyes who later introduced him to her cute blonde friend Sandra. Everything seemed to be going as planned when Alex suddenly learnt the kinky secret of Sandra and Roxie…

Sleepless in New York

Angela just started to work in a reputable company and was doing her best to demonstrate all the skills she had, hoping to advance in her career, and that’s why she often worked late. One night when Angela was finishing sorting out her boss’s mail she was invited into the office. There was her boss Michelle and her colleague – Ninelle – who had some plans about poor Angela. They started by taking off her clothes her and ordering her to put on a leather collar. When they came back Angela saw both of her bosses had huge dicks! But the story was yet to begin – after several minutes of sucking she was taken to a special room where her suffering continued, much to the pleasure of Ninelle and Michelle.

The Unexpected Roommate

On that evening Cathy was all by herself and not expecting any company. She had done all her homework and was just enjoying the view in the mirror – she had a very hot body and could spend hours just contemplating it like that. The girl was bored and the decision of playing with her favorite sex toy came naturally. But first things first – so she went to take a shower and couldn’t resist masturbating there for just a bit to get ready for the dildo. When Cathy was in the middle of her sexual game someone knocked at the door – and Cathy had to interrupt the fun. It was her new roommate – Rachel, who seemed quite a grind. Since Cathy was still wearing nothing but a towel she went to change and imagine her surprise when she came back and saw her new roommate licking the dildo that she had been fucking herself with! But that was only the tip of the iceberg – her roommate turned out to be a lot more passionate and hungry for love than Cathy could imagine.

The Shopping Spree

What do you do when all your elderly husband can offer is his credit card? That’s right – you go and spend as much money as you can to forget about the absence of sex in your life. While shopping for clothes one summer day Sandra came across what seemed to be a very posh boutique with two young women ready to help her pick a sexy outfit for her elderly husband to drool over. Sandra loved the first thing she tried on – and the shop assistants seemed to agree with her choice. When things got playful Sandra was not even going to stop them – for she was way too hungry for that kind of attention. Facing a very hard choice between two awesome cocks her new friends could offer, she decided to take things two at a time and made sure everyone was being sucked and handled properly.

The Ultimate Sex Therapy

Mr. and Mrs. Brentwood come for an appointment with the city's most famous doctor who is said to treat the most difficult cases of male impotence. Although George Brentwood is at first hesitating whether to share the problem with the doctor of not, he is a lot more enthusiastic when invited inside by a cute and very sexy nurse Mia. George also discovers his doctor is a hot brunette – the treatment starts to look more and more promising! Doctor Cook and nurse Mia promise his problem will be solved in no time. Imagine George's surprise when he comes out from behind the folding screen where he was undressing and finds out the cute girls can boast cocks bigger that his and have a very particular kind of sex therapy on their minds… It's not that George minds such an unusual approach – and very soon he manages to fully relax and enjoy the treatment that proves highly efficient!

At the dentist’s

When you have a painful tooth there is nothing you won’t do to get the treatment you need. Edward manages to find a good dentist just seconds before he is going to leave work and begs him for help, to which Doctor Norton agrees. He sends in a nurse in the sexiest outfit there is, to make sure Edward gets a shot to relieve the pain and is prepped for a dental surgery. While Marina (the nurse) is working on Edward, he feels attracted to her and as if by accident places his hand on her hip. The reaction follows almost immediately – and in several seconds they are kissing and Marina is going for Edward’s dick intending to suck it hard. Their idyll is interrupted when Doctor Norton comes back, and he seems to be quite surprised to see the steamy scene. Edward and Marina have no idea about what is going to happen next, as they seem quite embarrassed. Doctor Norton has some plans about Marina, as he has already gotten too excited at the view of two people enjoying each other’s perfect bodies.

Seduced by students

Two young and very naughty girls named Gina and Kiette are supposed to have a very serious conversation with their teacher Ms. Woodall, and so they stay after class. Everything looks very serious for the girls as they may get expelled from the school where misbehaving is viewed as one of most serious offenses. As the girls realize Ms. Woodall is serious about getting them expelled, they come up with a brilliant plan – to seduce their teacher and see if she is as uptight as they tend to believe. At first Ms. Woodall looks shocked and is quite embarrassed, but it all changes when the girls start undressing her slowly. They are so tender and so seductive – even a teacher like Ms. Woodall can’t resist the temptation; so she starts taking most active part in what the girls are doing. Things get hot as Ms. Woodall discovers both her students have cocks and will be more than happy to have her suck them hard!

A School Tradition

Gina and Kiette – two beautiful shemales - are caught by the school principal half-naked after fucking their teacher Ms. Woodall. It’s not that anyone is sorry about what happened – but everyone is pretty much embarrassed… except for the principal! Mr. Pressman orders everyone to his office intending to teach them a lesson and demonstrate who the boss is. Shortly afterwards Ms. Woodall is all naked again and being punished by a ruler. All the ass slapping makes her and the girls horny again, and Mr. Pressman is quick to notice the excitement. There is nothing better than experimenting with different sex positions in the principal’s office – and this is exactly what everyone is anxious to try! There are three cocks and one tight pussy – and everyone is going to get their share of pleasure and attention.

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